Friday, October 12, 2007

TFIF!! or is it supposed to be TGIF!!

Well, I overslept! Got up at 6.45...I have to leave at 7.15, so obviously after a lot of pontificating i.e. showering and makeup I finally left at 7.30, not bad going, but I look like ***** unfortunately I had slept with my face on my hand so I look like Ive been well slapped about! God knows what to day will bring, I'm tired, I'm hungry and I'm going to be busy! Still, its only until 1 today so I can have a nap this afternoon...I live in hope, actually I really have to tidy my this space!!

Its nearly mid day and I'm shattered. Got to go to the bank after work, then home for a nap. You see I did tell you my life is boring! I am trying to decide what to do next, post invoices (on the computer) or post invoices (in the post) decisions decisions...I really ought to start the payroll but cant get motivated at all.

I really need to start doing my Christmas cards, or at least have a look through my stuff to see what i am going to do this year. There's so much I want to do...Chescas prom scrap book, Hayley and John's wedding scrap book, my scrap book one for Paul, one for Liann, one for Catherine...LOL Oh and one for Reece for Claire!! Im going to have to speak to Roz and get her to give me lessons on digi scrapping so that might be the best way to go, we'll see...which reminds me, have to remind Jane and Liann about the photos...Ill do that now while I think about it!

OK, back to work..its only for an hour.

Medical note - bad pain in right hand side...kidney?? no idea..

Ok, just had a quick chat with my very very lovely niece and asked her about photos etc. So hopefully we can get started on that one!! I am going to try and persuade her to do a blog too, like a dear diary thingy so she can write what she likes and might make her feel better..

Only 48 minutes to go!!

Just noticed how many "I"s and "I am"s in this blog, but then I guess..its all about me!

Ok had a nap but still feel tired with a capital K!!

mark is going to run out of driving time so wont be home, Ive said I would take fran to work and pick her up, what good step mummy I am!

oh yeah, CSA rang and nothing has changed...wont put too much here cos you never know who might be looking!! Needless to say the conclusion wasn't satisfactory, but we have to deal with it.

Been downloading stuff cos I do like to fill my hard drive with stuff Ill never use!

Tried a bit of digi scrapping today but cant get the hang of it but Ill keep tying

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I can never think of a title! 1 11/10/07

Why?? Why do this blog I mean?? Well, yesterday I went to the hospital for an appointment and was asked all sorts of questions, like when was this diagnosed, when did you have that scan, blah blah and I had no idea!! So, I thought Id do this and make notes about hospitals visits as I go along...much more fun!

Roz, you can add me to your blog thingy if you like and keep nagging me to fill it in!!

Right hospital trip yesterday! Went to QE Hospital in Kings Lynn to see a Doctor Gunda. Usual weigh in and sample stuff..anyway blood pressure was 140/90 which was quite high for me! had a blood test and a CT scan also. Got to go back in 6 weeks but have to have another type of scan first...I THINK, not sure if that was what I had yesterday or not. Oh well, no doubt it will all fall into place.

Mark got stuck out again last night, so I was going to have an early night. Fran came around to do homework and we sat chatting till about 9.30 then by the time I got to bed it was 10.30. Watched the pride of Great Britain awards and had to wipe away a few tears, what inspirational people they were!! Megan Blunt will go far! What a charming, grounded and selfless young lady!

I am way behind at work today so shouldnt actually be doing this, but hey I need to leave at 3 but probably wont now. Might write more later if anything interesting or exciting happens, but I doubt it!!

Well, I got home early, mark was home which was nice! Didn't get what I wanted done, felt totally demotivated again, just want to sleep!! Now I'm just going to bed. I think we are all on one computer or another tonight, Marks on PC and Owen is doing something on Bebo on the other laptop which is so slow I would still be typing this tomorrow if I was using it.

I'm so happy I am only working until 1 tomorrow. I get so stressed out when Chris is on holiday! GOD Anita is on holiday for week now so Ill be doing THREE jobs next week.

Well dear reader (well m should I say dear diary) no doubt you Will feel my wrath next week as I struggle to keep sane and keep up. A weeks holiday in Cornwall is not the answer, could be, but ya know...

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