Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shed Blog Day 1

Well, basically, I stuffed up. The shed is actually the wrong way round, but its not a major problem. Mark, bless him, has done all the measuring etc as we need to get it insulated etc as there will be a lorra lorra paper in there! It will also be painted white on the inside to reflect light. We have a bit of an issue with electricals, more on that later, but theres lots to do before I can actually move in. Off in a mo with a shopping list for stuff, its probably going to cost an extra £1,000 to get it just right, but theres no point having something that isnt watertight, draughtproof etc etc. Need a good blind too as windows face the sun most of the day! Also a good strong lock and ....and....the list goes on!!

Hope you all have a lovely day! XX

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's here,,,,

shed ...sorry BIG shed has arrived and smells of lovely lovely wood!!!!!

Hi Jade!!

Welcome to the world of blogging! Have fun!

Am I nuts??

Been playing in blogland for an hour or so...and its still only 4.50 AM!! lol, been trying to figure out how to make this a little more interesting for my visitors. Ive added a few more of my fave blogs, do try and look at them all, they are all great reading and inspiration...cup of tea now I think, and back to bed!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy busy day!!

I have been IRONING all day, and clearing my clutter! Mark's sister and her clan are coming to stay for a weekend in 2 weeks, so I have so clear the spare room, which is full to the brim with yes you guessed it, craft stuff!! Shed is arriving tomorrow (weather permitting!) and then we have to put up shelves, cupboards workspace etc. I'm having the workbench around 3 sides with cupboards underneath and shelves on 2 of the walls, one wall with have a huge notice board that I can put cards I get, notes, piccies of David Beckham,,,oooooooooooops I mean Lots of hanging hooks too for hanging tools on. Should be good! Im just hoping I have ordered a big enough one. I will try and remember to take piccies for you. (If I can work out how to blog them!)

Mark has taken the young girl over the road for a drive in her car she has her test coming up and getting as much practise as she can. She did ask me to take her, but I don't feel confident enough!

Ok, I a going to settle down and watch House in a bit, just got to put the clothes away first. I am trying really hard to be more organised, in the hope that I will have more time to do what I want to do. Found a really good site called which is full of inspirational and handy hints.

So....fellow bloggers, what have you been doing today??

Nighty night

Paula X

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

23 minutes and counting...

till I go home, and not coming back until Monday!! yayyyyyy

Not much to say today really, been blog hopping and as soon as I remember how to put links on this thing I will add them for your enjoyment also.

Oh yeah...shed is coming on Friday, yippy i ayyyyy, BUT its gonna need a lorra lorra work on it before we (me and my stash) can move in. REALLY looking forward to it, then I can get out of this Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome...yup, that spells CHAOS!! Got that from a declutter blog! LOL

So...what have you all been up to...leave a comment and the winner gets a prize..a cyber prize though, I might throw a sheep at them in facebook or

Ok....18 minutes and dragging...catc you later!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wet and weary.....

...but thankfully not windy!! LOL Just been to the bank and it was drizzling...ghastly weather

Thanks to those of you who have commented on my blog. Its very encouraging and I shall do my best to be regular! Alas, I have not scanned any of my cards lately so cannot show, but will endeavour to do my best...note that I am no longer a brownie, so did not promise!

Well then, what have I been up to?? hmmmm not a lot to be honest. Felling pretty rough with kidney pains so I wallow in it and try and get as much rest as I can, lying down really does help better than anything else. I am due to be zapped again on 9 June. Luckily (!!??) its the left kidney this time as the right one cant take any more! I am also organising a meal for Mark, myself and 16 others for next Saturday. I am collecting orders as it will make life much simpler as we are only going to a small restaurant (its where we held our wedding reception). I am also trying to plan my craft shed WHEN AND IF it ever arrives...(note to shed shop!) Mark said he has a lot to do before I can move in though, insulation, electrical and so on and so on. THEN I can get everything out of hiding and use it!

OK, well done a lot of blog hopping today when I should have been working hard. Haven't left any comments though which is a bit remiss of me, cos I like to get em, so should leave 'em!

Now... I have to go work hard! Take care all...until next time, over n out! XX

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