Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shed Blog Part 2 Day 4

Mark has had a day off from shed renovating today, bless him, he hasnt stopped working on it since Saturday morning.

had a rough day today, feeling really groggy still, but back to work tomorrow. Actually got round to watching memoirs of a geisha today...lovely film. I did doze off half way through,, but only cos I was lying down, and really tired!!

Another short n sweet one, so nighty night for now!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Shed Blog Part 2 Day 3

No pics today, Mark as been really busy since we got back from the hospital. He is doing so well. Half the floor is down and all the insulation up, all sealed up, lock put on. Part of the wall has gone up too. He couldn't carry on because of the noise, which I'm pleased about cos like I said he hasn't stopped and I dont want him knocking himself out!!

Feeling quite yucky still. Kidney stone was over 1cm and had dropped out of the kidney and working down the tubes...no wonder I have been in agony last few weeks! Still, its gone now, lets hope its the last of them!
Been a bit naughty and ordered some stuff from arty miss which will be ideal for at least 3 of the scrap books I am going to be doing.

Managed to plait my hair tonight, I would love a French Plait but I still have lots of layers and it just falls out.

Day off tomorrow recovering, I have some cards to finish off, so will just get on with them.

Off to bed now and boy am I tired!! Later peeps!! XX

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Shed Blog Part 2 Day 2

Well, Mark has done wonders. he is now lining the walls to make it warm and cosy and most importantly waterproof. WE painted the inside last night with waterproof wood stuff, to be extra safe. He's wonderful he spent over 12 hours out there yesterday, mainly in the rain, and dint stop until it was dark. He is the best husband in the world...bar none!! Owen was a great help too, and Marks friend John came over and helped...and I made a lot of tea!

Couple of piccies for you,,,

Mark and Owen painting the base of the shed with bitumen stuff to make it totally waterproof

Just over an hour later!!!

Looking good huh? WEll 24 hours later its looking even better! Windows are in (but one is being replaced with an opening one) and half of it is lined!! Im so excited!! LOL. Now going to ummm make another cup of tea!!

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