Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The book in me...

they say we all have a book inside us so I have decided to try and write one! I have the title sorted out.."Living with M.E.N. - what's your type"Quite catchy huh? For those of you who dont know me, I have an incurable disease (my doctors words...definately not mine) which is known as Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia, I am type 1. So far I think I have been lucky, only had to have my parathyroid glands removed, although "multiple" tumours have been found on and in my pancreas so watching and waiting to see what, if anything happens. My son who has not been lucky has had half of his pancreas removed as a result (and boy do I feel guilty...most folk give their kids a car, I give mine a syndrome!)

Anyway, as its a very rare syndrome, bit like rocking horse poo, I decided that I would try and write an informative, yet slightly tongue in cheek about it. Im posting this here as I think Id like a bit of encouragement...and where else could I get it??

Ill keep you informed X

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