Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another card I made

My sister in law asked me to make a card for Chesca's 18th birthday. I found these papers in a digi scrap store and loved them so bought them cos it was just perfect for her. Thanks to June at Cens loft!!

Butterflies and Buddlia

We were in the garden the other day and I notice our buddlia bush was absolutely covered in gorgeous butterflies! Mark took these pictures..arent they gorgeous?? The buddlia looks a bit neglected Im afraid, slap my wrists!!

Nora and Wayne

My lovely pal Winnie sent my hubby and I the cutest of pressies!! Now I dont (hope) think she sent them cos they looked like us, but because they are cuter like us!! Thank you so much Winnie, from both of us!! They are sitting on our mantlepiece with all our goodies from our cruise around the Baltics (and beyond!)

Now do you know why I called them Nora and Wayne????

Friday, September 12, 2008

Scrapbook pages

Ive been wanting to make my 2 gorgeous nieces a scrapbook for ages and have at long last started on the lovely Liann's. The words are mainly by Liann and I have thrown a few bits in for good measure!! Most of the elements are hand cut from various free digi kits took ages I can tell you! The rest are by dovecraft to match the paper. Hope you like...more importantly I hope SHE likes!!

Christening card

This is Alfie's Christening card.  I wanted it to be a keepsake so I found a couple of pics of the church on the old www - I have the artists/ photographers names written down and will credit them later...any how I just wanted something plain an simple, so thats what i did!!

Cards I have made lately..

This is a card I made for my niece to congratulate her on her AMAZING GCSE results...Well done Cat!! The inside is my first attempt at a pop up and Im a bit disappointed now Ive seen the pic...its didnt look so wonky in RL...Main thing...she loved it!

Introducing..... very special godson - I was trying to play and he wanted to watch Top Gear...typical!! LOL

Thursday, September 11, 2008


...all those people 7 years ago, who lost their lives in that dreadful attack in America. Remembering their bravery and sacrifice, those left behind and still mourning, those injured and still suffering, those who lost their homes and their livelihood, those who sat and watched, all over the world in shock and disbelief. Remembering the disruption and how things will never be the same again. Remembering those tall and graceful buildings that monopolised the city sky line. Remembering where I was and what I was doing on that fateful day. ...

My thoughts and prayers are with them all, and everyone else on this planet who is suffering and remembering.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Prismacolor Pencil and Customer Service

Do you remember last week I was having a whine about how my colouring in looks like next door neighbour's cat had had a hand in it? Well, a kindly soul recommended prismacolor pencils to me...I now have a box sitting at my side newly opened and looking pristine and gorgeous and I am so reluctant to use them as they look and smell so nice, anyhow, according to my many google searches, these are the " dogs doodahs" and will make my colouring look fabulous. I was given the email of a UK stockist and I have to say, if all you want is excellent customer service, then this is the chappy for you. I shall be trying them out when I get home (couldn't find a sharpener at work and my pen knife is blunt) and will report back. If anyone wants his email to ask any questions, prices, colour chart etc etc then email me and Ill pass it on to you.

I shall (yeah yeah youve heard it all before...) load a few pics tonight of various bits n bobs, cards Ive made, scrap book pages, Nora and Wayne (pressie from Winnie...think about it!!) and my gorgeous delightful Godson Alfie who grows more delicious every day, until then , I best finish my sarnies and do some more reconciliation type thingies.

Later peeps


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