Thursday, November 08, 2007

The early bird...

is Woke up at 3.30, Mark was getting ready for work and although hes very good and quiet, something just woke me..just as well cos he couldn't find the top to his flask, but that was because he was having a a man's,,,yes, you guessed, I found it. Been having weird dreams and some pretty morbid thoughts...cant get them out of my head, maybe its the meds I'm on? Actually feel quite rough this last couple of days, been getting some bad pains and my weight seems to be creeping up at a rate of knots...I did have a kidney scan yesterday, and will get the results in 2 weeks when I go back to the clinic.

Well, I guess I best get on and get ready for work, now Ive had my coffee...oh and my hair is now sitting on my shoulders!!! Its a long slog but I am bound and determined to grow it and keep growing it, mainly so I can wear it up so it looks short!! Hey! Where's the logic!!

Ok hey ho hey ho, its off to work I go!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Been ages since Ive had a good blogging session!! You know how it is, you get home the usual stuff, cooking, opening junk mail, lol then change and before you know it, its bedtime. A quick run through emails and then sleep.

Little bit worried about my hospital appointment tomorrow, Ive been getting some pains in the kidney area that are not unlike the ones I had when I had kidney stones, I hope I dont have one, cos god knows where they are coming from.

Oh did get some boots from ebay today, I got a real bargain £30 for leather uppers and soles, gorgeous burgundy colour, RRP of £135. Also some lovely grey ones for about £4!! Must remember to do the feedback thing. Ive had a bit of an ebay splurge even though Im on a bOB but I have run out of clothes that fit due to the fact I feel bloated all the time. In fact, 3 black sacks full of pretty decent clothes, some brand new, that I will be passing over to my lovely niece. Cant remember what else is coming apart from a pair of black boots which cost me around £3!!

Can you believe it..FIREWORKS going off still..and its nearly 9 oclock!! Marks just gone running off to take pics...Ill see if I can upload them later.

Ok, well hopefully Ill be able to catch up on the blogs Im checking out ..yes that means you Roz and Toots!!

Nighty night all..sleep tight

Must remember to blog about my hospital visit tomorrow!

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