Thursday, July 03, 2008

a few pics

Hi all

Some new piccies for you, some of my new craft studio (it is no longer a shed!) and some of my new pets JT and TJ. If you can guess why they are so named, then you are very clever indeed! They have just flown in from sunny Spain, and are pretty well acclimatised now, spending their time sitting on their perch canoodling!

A bit wary, having a good look round, look a bit nervous, but they'll soon settle in.

Seems to have heard a noise, maybe the soup dragon or the kettle??

Ahhhh, no then, thats what we like to do best, canoodling with each other....all together now...ahhhhhhhhh

A new broom sweeps the new craft studio. Just inside the door, the beginnings of a cupboard to store...goodies!!

On the other side of the workspace, custom built shelves for A4 and A5 paper.

The beginnings of another cupboard and more shelves for scrapbooking paper. Oh and the bit in the corner?? The hatch lifts off so I can store rolls of paper in there..clever huh??

Another workspace, where I can do my stamping etc. Mark has christened this my "messy" space (as in inky and glittery) It also means that I can have a friend over to play!!

More shelves, well, these are actually pull out trays for my stamps and inks! Storage underneath

This is the view as you walk in

This is the view as you walk out!!
Dontcha just LOVE IT!!
Is my husband not the bestest and most cleverest husband in the world EVER!!!
So...what do you think of it so far???

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