Saturday, June 07, 2008

Shed Blog Part 2 Day 1

9.00 and the shed arrived...what a difference from the last one!! Mark has painted the bottom with bitumen stuff to make it last even longer. Its raining but we have got a huge plastic sheet hanging up to protect his hair!! LOL

Im just making tea and finding stuff to make cards for some orders, cos Im getting in the way!! I am going out to take pictures in a minute so you'll be bored stiff with a blow by blow account of the "erection". Rather a poor choice of words...LOL

Ok hope you are all warm and dry, doing what you want to do and blogging it all as you do it!! Laters!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Just a quickie

Nothing really to tell today so just popping in to say hi and ponder this...

if nothing ever sticks to do they stick teflon to the pan??? A sleepless night pondering coming

Criminal Minds is just starting so im going to snuggle up in bed to watch it.

Night all xx

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Shed Blog Day 4.2

I have a big empty space where my shed was ...never mind eh? Just watching House at the moment and blog hopping - my new favourite past time. There are some really interesting people out there in blogland such a wide selection, all types of people, all walks of life. My RSS feed thingy is soooooooooo long! Just added the notebook tool thing to my google tool bar to see what its like. You know the times you find a bit of interesting text on a web page, well this function will save it to a personal notebook...saves hours trying to remember what site blah blah.
Well seems like everyone is getting a blog these days. I'm trying to persuade my niece to get one. OK BB is just about to start so I'm going to have a cuppa and a choccy biccie..
I will leave you with this well known thought..
Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one is watching.

NO IDEA why the text above is underlined!!
Nighty night XX

Shed Blog Day 4

Well they are coming to dismantle it today. We spent a couple of hours yesterday undoing all the hard work Mark had put on, and guess was infested with ants!! Just goes to show how badly it was made, and there was still a few damp patches from the rain the other night. Guess I wont be having a shed Blog day 5 for a while (possibly next Wednesday??). Got lots to do today, so this is another short n sweet, but note Roz, I have blogged almost everyday for a week!!

Im trying to make it a habit so I wont forget!

Have a good day all XX

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shed Blog Day 3

Well..they are coming to take it away..ha ha..with a full refund. Thats sorts that little problem! We have another shed being delivered by a different firm on Saturday morning. Same price, but we have to put it up ourselves, but Mark said he would actually prefer to do that now what with all that has happened! day...different so you can ignore the picture already posted and I will start again!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shed Blog Day 2

Thank you for all your comments. Well...the saga continues. Mark has been to the place I got it from and to be honest, I don't think they are all that bothered. Luckily, I paid on my visa so if we don't get any joy, I will be contacting them. I feel quite down in the dumps about it. BUT it will work out...eventually!

Another note, I kept nodding off a work today!! Just so tired and Ive got funny little bruises all over my legs, weird!!! I guess I should go to the quack about it.

My hair is getting really long now, I usually wear it up in a pony tail but let it hang loose today. Ive been growing it for a year now, its the longest its been for years, well 34 to be exact.

Sort of watching House at the moment, but going to put a card together in a mo for step sons birthday. Got a fathers day car to make for Marks dad, and just made a lovely card for my nephews girlfriend then Ill be packing everything away and wont be crafting till I have moved!!

No other news, I am really getting into this blog thing. Its a great way to remember things and to keep up with everyone also love to add widgets and things,

Well, fellow bloggers off to stick some bits onto paper and then bed methinks. Nighty night all take care and happy blogging

PS I think have a few more blogs to add so Ill check out the website (CFR) tomorrow


Shed Blog Day 1

well here it is in all its glorry, thanks Roz for sorting the piccie for me.
We have a major problem its leaking and Mark is fuming!!! Hes going to the place we got it from to read them the riot act. Im so gutted!! More later, Im running late!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday morning and month end accounts.

I am so BORED! I am sitting here keying in figure after figure after figure and am nodding off in the process.

So...what have you all been up to? No new entries on blogs for me to read, shame on you!

I cant listen to the radio anymore at work, something to do with bandwidth or suchlike, gobbledy gook to me. I can however listen to CDs. Problem is, I keep forgetting to bring some more in, so have been listening to "Now thats what I call music 69" over n over for the past 3 weeks and its driving me NUTS!!

Watched the rerun of Britain's Got talent last night. They certainly had some talent on there! George was a worthy winner, his dance sequence was fabulous! I think signature are great and actually very novel, and the main guy dances BETTER than Michael Jackson. I fely sorry for the young lad who came third. His voice was beautiful, just beautiful. I am not sure how much longer it will last, but I am hoping he gets snapped up by someone, probably Winchester Boys Choir, or similar. The girl who sang Ave Maria, again.beautiful, my gran used to sing that to us many moons ago (but in an out of tune way with an Irish And..Strike.............COR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to TRY and add their videos to my blog at some point.

I really really REALLY need to organise myself. I'm thinking of getting some clip boards (I lose notebooks!) and decorating them with flowers and ribbons, and have hooks for them all over the house, and one in my office. I just got into bother for something I forgot to do in February!! I have reminders come up on my computer all the time, but still forget (Or delete them by mistake!)

Nearly lunch time, but I am peckish so am going to grab a bagel. My weight seems to be constant at 11 and a bit, BUT I have been eating out a lot lately and had a bit of a chocolate splurge at the weekend, so, that will be my fault if I put any on, though, I will try and blame someone else!!

I have joined a yahoo group that send through Weightwatchers Recipes, but I never have anything in the cupboard that they use! Am I the only one who doesn't keep everything in her store cupboard?? (Cant think of an example, and cant get into my mail...think they have banned me from there too!)

Well, I best get on with this little lot, so..I may be back, if I havent died of boredom first!

Muchas lovas


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Great Night Out!

Had a fab meal out last night with a group of friends..17 of us in all. really great night, lovely people, hope to post pics later. Its only 5am so a bit tired, and going back to bed!!!

Just a short

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