Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back again

Just a quickie cos I'm tired and have to be up early for work tomorrow!!

Holiday was ok, lot of travelling around and lots of pics taken,,,will show later. Day 1 we went to visit marks dad on the way down, hmmm more on that later. Then we went to Marks sister's dawn to drop the two boys off for the night as she was taking them to a carnival, then bowling and would drop them off at other sis Kylie's on Sunday. We got to cottage finally about 8 8.30 that evening. Smelt a bit fusty, but all in all not too bad, plenty of space, nice and warm and with just about everything you would need for a week,,,apart from food which we had picked up earlier. Looe is a very pretty chocolate box lid town!

If yo can get to it...this is wher we stayed

Now its bed time....night all XX

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Roz said...

Welcome back my friend. Now can you TRY and post a bit more often!!

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