Sunday, August 31, 2008

ok what am I doing wrong?

ok you clever stampers!! Why is it I stamp the image ok, but colouring it in...whatever I use sakuras, h2o, water colours it looks absolute rubbish!! I follow all the tuts which look soooooo easy but I still manage to turn out tat. As for cutting out...well Ive tried close to line with scissors, craft knife and leaving a small teeny weeny border and its still looks ****. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!!!!

Help...dont need the stress!!! LOL

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Myrt said...

Hi Paula - hope you are feeling better!
I too, find that the tutorials look so easy and I can't make my colouring look half-way decent. I haven't tried mineral spirits (Gamsol) yet with coloured pencils but hope to next week.
Did anybody offer you advice?

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