Sunday, September 21, 2008

Party Time

Well Francesca celebrated her 18th birthday with a party yesterday! Got loads of piccies that I will share with you, but for now, just one. If anyone knows how to airbrush me so I dont look like the elephant mans sister...please let me Im sure I dont look like that in I Roz???? ROZ???? I am into black and white pics at the mo, so changed this one accordingly!

This is...from YOUR left to right

Sis In Law Dawn Francesca and yours truly. Im very tired so will post more later as I have a zillion blogs to catch up with!!

oooh ive had 885 hits - do you think ill make 1000 before the end of 08? If I do...might do the blog candy thing!! AND I have 3 followers tooooo...thanks girls!!


Deb Neerman said...

You look perfectly lovely! Silly girl!

I thought I had chose to follow your blog ... apparently, something went wrong 'cuz my smilin' face is sittin' there starin' out at your visitors.

I'm gonna try to add it again ... so then you'll have 4 followers (as you should have had yesterday but whaddya want for a free blog service?!?)

Later Dudetta!

Deb Neerman said...

*my smilin' face ISN'T sittin' there starin' out at your visitors ...

I REALLY should consider previewing my posts, huh?!? LOL!

Roz said...

Yes Paula, that does look like you but you don't look anything like the elephant man! I love that film incidently, it always makes me cry... sniff.

I'm following you too! I did try the other week but it didn't work, lol. Now you have one more follower than I do.

Love Roz x

Myrt said...

Hi Paula - lovely picture but don't forget to show us more.

You look fine to me, my friend.

Bev said...

You've got another follower now sweetie lol

hugs Bev x

Mel M. M. M. said...

You look stunning! Isn't it funny how hard we are on ourselves? I can see that I really do need to get my printer running so I can print of a picture (and get off my shamefully lazy butt & send it) then you'll feel WAY better about your pic! I had loads of pics taken of me at my cousins wedding (first pics of my new (econo)size LOL. They're all on facebook now. It's helping me deal with my weight issues (and eat better, lol)

P.S. I'd follow you anywhere. :O)

Christine (Craftling) said...

Elephant man's sister? Phshaw!!! (shakes head in despair)

Chris xx

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