Monday, September 08, 2008

Prismacolor Pencil and Customer Service

Do you remember last week I was having a whine about how my colouring in looks like next door neighbour's cat had had a hand in it? Well, a kindly soul recommended prismacolor pencils to me...I now have a box sitting at my side newly opened and looking pristine and gorgeous and I am so reluctant to use them as they look and smell so nice, anyhow, according to my many google searches, these are the " dogs doodahs" and will make my colouring look fabulous. I was given the email of a UK stockist and I have to say, if all you want is excellent customer service, then this is the chappy for you. I shall be trying them out when I get home (couldn't find a sharpener at work and my pen knife is blunt) and will report back. If anyone wants his email to ask any questions, prices, colour chart etc etc then email me and Ill pass it on to you.

I shall (yeah yeah youve heard it all before...) load a few pics tonight of various bits n bobs, cards Ive made, scrap book pages, Nora and Wayne (pressie from Winnie...think about it!!) and my gorgeous delightful Godson Alfie who grows more delicious every day, until then , I best finish my sarnies and do some more reconciliation type thingies.

Later peeps



Myrt said...

....hey're not going to believe this but I purchased some Prismacolor Pencils as well. I haven't tried them yet (just got them last Thursday) and I also got some Gamsol to blend them with (like mineral spirits). You'll hear me all the way over there if this combination doesn't work. :)

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Paula..

I have some Prismacolors as well, and I use Zest-It and blending stumps to soften and blend the colours.

Hope you get on with them OK.

Chris xx

Julie-Anne said...

If you want to top your colours up try they sell single pencils and sets of the ones that don't come in the 120 tin and stumps and sansodor. It is great to get it all from one place. I found them at a crft show where they were demonstrating

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