Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And so my journey begins..

Just another couple of days at work and I am off to start my new life in Farnborough, and boy am I scared.

I am leaving behind a lot of things that I have accumulated over the last 9 years but I am taking with me a lot of love that I have found over the last 9 years. I am very scared and feel very vulnerable right now, but hey Ive started all over before and I can do it again. I am at a good place in my life, neither too young or too old. I have a new found confidence which I had buried away because I put all my confidence in my marriage and my life in this place. My heart is heavy, yet excited, sad, but thankful that my marriage, while it lasted, was although not as happy as I thought, a good one. We had a great time, met some great people and saw some amazing things on our journey together, but now we have to part and move on, and I say to you Mark...I had the time of my life! I helped to raise 3 amazing children, and I hope they find a safe and happy path in their lives too, and I say to you 3...never forget where and who I am.

And so it begins, the first days of the rest of my life...who knows what Ill be writing tomorrow...:)

Watch this space!


Roz said...

Oh £$^^%*"*(^* pass me a tissue you moo!

Good luck Paula... I'll be thinking of you!!!! You never know, this could be the best bit of your life about to start, so put on some lippy and smile!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Totty Teabag said...

I wish you all the luck in the world, Paula. You have a whole new life ahead of you, so spread your wings and fly!

Myrt said...

Hi Paula:

Gee Paula, it's so good to hear from you - I do hope you will keep in touch via your blog, at least.

I wish you all the best Paula, do take care and be well.

Much happiness & good health ahead of you, my dear friend.

Lynsey said...

Good luck with your move Paula! I hope all goes well for your and that you find happiness.
Take care
Hugs Lynsey:)

Norwayscrapper said...

I can only say what every one else have said, Take care my friend and GOOD LUCK with everything.
Lots of love


Karen said...

Good Luck Paula : )
Crafty Diva

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