Friday, May 16, 2008

me again

Back for a few moments as its nearly time to go home!!

isn't it COLD today?? I mean REALLY cold, I'm shivering, but then I am dressed for summer. Not much to say really apart from I have almost finished 2 cards. I need to sort out a couple of swaps I am in, but time is running away from me again.

Going to a christening and a surprise 30th party on Sunday (cant believe MY son is 30 next year!!) anyway, looking forward to that, just got to buy a couple of pressies (and time or inspiration!!).

Gosh this blog is boring compared to some I read, but I guess we cant all have exciting lives or that too would be boring!!

Is tempus fugiting for you too?? I cannot believe how quickly the days are flashing past. Spoke to mum last night and it seems like only last week we were down to visit, but its actually more like EIGHT! That is awful and we must get down again soon.

Right, best get some work done before I go, or Ill be bogged down on Monday.

Catch you all later!!


Scrappydog said...

I'm looking forward to reading how your visits go. I always enjoy reading those. Post some pics too.

Eve said...

Come on Paula, we want to hear more from you. Yes I know, it is hard to remember to do each day and I am not much of an example, lol, but give it a try. I am sure there are some daft things happaning in your house that would amuse us all. If not, make some up, it works, lol.

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