Thursday, May 15, 2008

Has it really been that long............??

since I blogged??? My word, best get on with it.

WEll, not a lot to say other than I have been drawn hopelessly and helplessly into the world of blogg sooner than I find one fabulous blog, it leads me to another then another, and of course, I like to read about what my internet mates are up to!! Im actually thinking of getting another blog spot as this one is pretty boring compared to everyone elses!! OK, well Im stuck on reception today, due to staff holidays, so havent had a lot of time for anything much. I have to clear up in a bit so have to sign off...wonder how long it will be before I get here again...what do you think Roz?? Are you there??? LOL

1 comment:

Scrappydog said...

LOL Paula, I go from one blog to another also. I sometime just use the blog link and find so many interesting blogs so different from scrapping. Keep writing, I enjoy reading diaries of your days. Post some of your beautiful cards too. I'm happy your blogging again.

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