Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another post from the old MG

Gosh sounds like I was whinging in my last post!! I was looking at Google analyticals to see my stats and there were none. I know you ladies visit regularly, as I do yours too, I love to read them, and again, I dont post comments often, but you are all in my reader and its great to keep up with your lives. Mine is pretty slow at the mo...Ive been feeling really rough since my kidney stone blasting and have been leaving work early as I am shattered by lunch time (a bit like my havent done an awful lot. Mark has been busy in the shed and its coming along very well, although a long way from finished yet. WE had visitors all over the weekend, which was nice. Marks sister, her other half and his two kiddies. Friday night our friends Hayley and John came over for a meal for my birthday on Friday, but Hayley wasnt well either..cos.......she had a baby on Sunday!!!! He wasnt due until the end of the month and is in Special Care as he had a few problems, but is thriving now, so fingers crossed. I havent seen him yet, but hayley rings most days with his progress and we are hoping to see them tonight. I dont know his name yet, which has messed up my card idea for I think Alfie is going to be the final choice and Joshua as a second name. I am buying him a tree as a pressie (joshua's tree??) as he has had everything else from everyone else!! Im getting a japanese acer to commemorate his birth. I best get on with some work. I am exhausted already so cant see me staying much beyong lunch time...adios for now!!


Roz said...

Congratulations Auntie Paula!!
Glad you're feeling a bit better. Big hug!!

Kym said...

WOW Paula - the shed is looking amazing - its going to be wonderful when you can move in and take your stash and spread it about - you will have such fun - hope you are feeling better this week - love & hugs

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