Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shed update and more!!


Well finally got some pics of my shed...I mean craft studio uploaded to share with you you can see, Mark is going great guns and I have taken these pics from various parts inside the shed. The legs belong to him...HONEST!!

All the walls and roof have been lined and then another wall put up to give a bit more protection etc.

Framework for first part of work space going up!

Nearly there!!

Shelves are now in on the right of my workplace and cupboard on the left

The view from my windows!

The view from inside looking back towards the can just see Mark's baby shed!!(Yes mine IS bigger than his!!)

Mark's legs not been shown off to any advantage by those but here they are surrounded by,,,,,,,,ummmmmmm lots of screws!!

The frame for the worktop etc on the pther side, Mark calls it the messy bit where I will be stamping etc...

Theres a lot more done now so Ill take more piccies tomorrow!!
AND I made some cards
here they are...
This is a wedding card I made for someones next door neighbour's aunt's uncle's sister's should be upright hearts going down the middle but I didnt get the angle right!

Another wedding card using the same bits n bobs with the bride and grooms initials

Finally a little pop out card with a cutsie fairy on for my sister in law's "almost" stepdaughter
I did make some more but ran out of room on my camera and had to get them given out to various recipients!!
WEll thats my blog for tonight, Ive had awful problems formatting and its taken FOREVER and my hubby needs a cuppa!!
Tomorrow I will show you the most gorgeous gift I got from our Tootsy!!
Nighty night X


Jeannie said...

Your craft studio looks fab - Mark has been working really hard. Fantastic cards too!

Roz said...

OooOooOoooOooo, tiz lovely Paula!!! (Shrek's legs lovely as well). I'm so jealous!!!
I love the 3 heart wedding card, gorgeous!

Totty Teabag said...

What a little palace this will for a Princess....LOL. Love the cards; very elegant.

Myrt said...

...great craft room being built. Tell Mark I think he's got nice legs! (lol)

Great cards, Paula....

Mel M. M. M. said...

Love your cards. Those hearts are SO pretty & the pop up looks fantastic! :0)

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