Friday, September 19, 2008

woooooohooooooooo its Friday!!

and I'm only at work till 1 o'clock!! Got a busy weekend ahead...sister is coming to stay and we are going to Francesca's (step daughter) 18th party! I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone, she was 10 when I first met her. Still have no idea what I am going to wear...bearing in mind Chesca's mum etc will all be at the party...should be I'm trying to decide between casual, elegant or casually elegant.....tough choice.

Anyhoo, I just want to thank you lovely people who read my whingey "I'm so sorry for myself" post and gave me such lovely words of encouragement. I think I'm going through one of my stages at the moment where I am really unhappy with myself, but Ill get over it..usually do. What isn't helping is this rift with my brother, which I have tried to mend, but he hears what he wants to hear so Ill leave it up to him. Apart from anything else though its upsetting my mum. :(

Last night I started a card for one of Mark's workmates who is retiring next week. He is a bike freak so I found a copyright free image of a Norton (old motorbike) and painstakingly cut it out. I might attempt to cut out all the spokes, but don't think I will be able to they are so thin. What I really want to do is layer it onto a map of the area he lives, but a...I don't know how to do that, and b...cant find a decent that's that idea out of the window, I shall rip a page out of one of Mark's old map books instead (whats the betting Ill do that and he'll need it in a weeks time!)

Hmmm I was going to try and show a couple of cards I made last year the pics of which I have just found on my work pc, but cant do it for some reason, I will try later.

Going off for a bit of blurfing now before I start my filing..I WISH I could get into the habit of doing it as I go along, but I am such a I am following the flylady and have put a couple of thinsg in place, but, as they say Rome wasnt built in a day!

Anyway, again, thank you for boosting me up when I needed it most...I love you guys!!

OOOOOOh before I forget dont forget to check out all that lovely blog candy out there -

and check back on some of my older posts too!! Ill post anymore as I find a google alert set up now.....Im on a mission...LOL


Eve said...

put clear sticky tape on the back of the paper where the spokes are, then you can cut out incredibly thin strips. I have seen some fantastic work done like this in Holland.

Paula's ponderings said...

Thanks Eve, Ill give that a go...luckily I am only doing one set of wheels!! I can try out my new fiskars finger controlled cutter too...Cheers lovey!

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