Monday, October 06, 2008

Who would have thought...

That i would get SO EXCITED about having nearly 1,000 hits???? Certainly not moi! I have a feeling that most of them are hubby :) Hi honey!!

WEll not much too report today. Saw paul on saturday and he looks well considering. Must admit I have never seen him looking so hmmmm BIG. Hes really struggling with his weight now since the op. Vicky is going to take him swimming. Anyhoo, Went to see mum and my brother, at least we are talking, thats the main thing. Had a real nothing day yesterday. Felt quite under the weather so all I did was stretch out on the sofa and watch Lost!! had to keep pausing it so I could cook dinner etc but really enjoyed it. We have now watch all of season 1 and half of season . I have joined an online DVD rental so we can get the rest of it!! lol, well...they are SO EXPENSIVE to buy.

Oh and you know that card I made ?? That one I forgot to take a pic of so youll have to trust me that it was the best card in the world...EVER...well chappie gave me £10 for it!! I was really chuffed...I told him it cost about £2 to make and that's what he gave me for my trouble. I guess thats the problem with selling cards no one actually sees how much time and trouble goes into making them, especially if they are personalised in any way. He did ask if it was enough as well, but I was well happy!!

I have designed my Christmas cards. I am doing a production line type mainly, using Dove craft Winter Wonderland stuff. So, blue, a bit of white and a lot of bling. I am making little boxes of gift cards for pressies too. Ive still got a couple of orders to do that need doing by next weekend ish so Ill start then.

well will you look at the time, its nearly home time.yipppeeeee so this is short sweet and a wee bit boring, but hey...its my blog and Ill be boring if I want too!! I could tell you a joke, but Deb over at paper ink scissors and stamps is sooooooo much better!!

later peeps X


Lisa said...

Hi Paula, Thank you so much for visitng my blog today and you said the nicest things. I love you blog and will be adding it to mine. The videos are great thanks!! And I love your sentiment at the top of the page.
Look forward to the guest book entry later.
Congrats on the hits too!!!

Deb Neerman said...

Hey, hey, Paula, I wanna marry you ... not really, that's a song.

Oh. That's not to mean you're not marriage material ... in fact, quite the opposite is true.

Ya see how I get myself into these kinda thangs?!?

So, thanks so much for the link-up ... and the kind words. I jess hope I can maintain my low level of humor ... and the sick puns. Yes, especially the sick puns!


Paula's ponderings said...

Hey Deb was just about to pass you a shovel to big that hole deeper!!

Love that song..used to dance with my old friend Paul to it at the local youth club..Paula and Paula..cute huh? (found him on FB again after 30 years ...hmmmm )

Lisa said...

Me again Paual, am having a blog candy give away check out my blog for details.

Totty Teabag said...

Awwww....go on, tell us a joke...

Christine (Craftling) said...

Don't you dare be surprised that someone values your work that highly!! I get so - oooohhhh!! - with cardmakers who don't value the time and effort they put into making a card.. and it's not just the assembling they're paying for, or the materials, it's the research, the sourcing of the materials and the design expertise they're paying for. It's absolutely right that he should pay you £10... and then some!

OK.. soapbox moment shaken off.. lol! That feels better! ;o)

I'm sure your card was worth every single penny.

Chris xx

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