Friday, October 03, 2008

Told you I would be back soon!

Coffee was great so was the very small (ahem!) piece of Battenburg cake I had to dunk in it! Man, with all this blog candy floating around we are going to get so fat fat FAT, BUT DO I LOOK BOVVERED?? (said of course in my best Catherine Tate impression) (OK I know its soooooo last year dahlings!!)

The lovely Lim, not only makes simply amazing cards, not only will she inspire the glitter off you, NOT ONLY has she some fabulous pictures of Miami Beach on her blog, but has some gorgeous candy to give away too...go have a look if you don't believe will not be disappointed!

Ok best go do a bit more XX


Roz said...

You DUNKED battenburg in your coffee??? Is there no end to your talents?????? You must have ruined a good slice of battenburg.

Love youuuuuuuuuuuuu

Roz xx

Paula's ponderings said...

No I didnt ruin was a very quick dunk, and a VERY short journey from mug to mouth (and having such a big mouth, made it a lot easier not too slop everywhere. Mark forgot to buy any cake this week, so have to dunk my marmite sandwiches ;)

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