Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sowwy Rozzy

Yeah yeah, I know its been eons since I posted...not much to say, really, well actually thats not quite true as I have been doing heaps, so I can tell you all about it! WEll, last weekend went to see Paul, he looks great and is not in the least bit faised about his op. I have decided to respect hs wishes and leave him till Saturday till I see him, much as it hurts me, but I do know how he is thinking so..... Anyhow he cooked us a fabulous meal, lasagne, nicest Ive ever tasted!! He had to work in the afternoon, so didnt stay as long as I would have liked. Before that we went to visit mum, she looked really tired, find it hard to see her looking old and frail..but thats life, she is in good spirits though. Didnt stay long as we had to get to paul's so another flying visit. She doesnt like lasagne, so didnt

After that went to see my niece, Liann, had a lovely couple of hours with her looking through old pics and also gave her a load of clothes, so she is well happy!!

I'm off work right now, started off as a cold and now my whole body aches, and I have a mega headache so wont be here long. I tried to make some cards, but only got 12 done, and they are so basic..but hey its the thought that counts!

Had to cancel hospital appt cos I felt crook, and also they have a winter sickness bug going around the hospital, and I don't want that! I know I have some tiny kidney stones, which is why my back is hurting so much :(

watched C & C earlier, love the funky hand stuff, I think Anice did really well for her first go, especially as her first show was cancelled at the very last minute last month!!

Well, thats me for now..take care all x


Roz said...

Woooohooooooo nice to see another post!!! Keep them coming!!!!!!!!

Totty Teabag said...

Stay cool Paula and don't worry too much about Paul. As for your cards being plain...I'm not into Pizza cards myself!

Roz said...

Ahem! Say no more! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Paula: Thanks for contributing a suggestion for my new digital scrapbooking kit. I'd love to give you a little gift for participating in the challenge. Please e-mail me at so I know where to send it. Thanks! -Amie

Myrt said...

.....Hi Paula....
Nice to hear from you on my 'Blog' - I'm still learning my way around it.....thanks for your nice comments....miss ya.
Love, Marion

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