Wednesday, May 28, 2008

23 minutes and counting...

till I go home, and not coming back until Monday!! yayyyyyy

Not much to say today really, been blog hopping and as soon as I remember how to put links on this thing I will add them for your enjoyment also.

Oh yeah...shed is coming on Friday, yippy i ayyyyy, BUT its gonna need a lorra lorra work on it before we (me and my stash) can move in. REALLY looking forward to it, then I can get out of this Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome...yup, that spells CHAOS!! Got that from a declutter blog! LOL

So...what have you all been up to...leave a comment and the winner gets a prize..a cyber prize though, I might throw a sheep at them in facebook or

Ok....18 minutes and dragging...catc you later!!


Totty Teabag said...

I've been painting, and now I'm blog-hopping and trying to resist demands that I come and watch the football with me.

Paula's ponderings said... you win...

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