Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy busy day!!

I have been IRONING all day, and clearing my clutter! Mark's sister and her clan are coming to stay for a weekend in 2 weeks, so I have so clear the spare room, which is full to the brim with yes you guessed it, craft stuff!! Shed is arriving tomorrow (weather permitting!) and then we have to put up shelves, cupboards workspace etc. I'm having the workbench around 3 sides with cupboards underneath and shelves on 2 of the walls, one wall with have a huge notice board that I can put cards I get, notes, piccies of David Beckham,,,oooooooooooops I mean Lots of hanging hooks too for hanging tools on. Should be good! Im just hoping I have ordered a big enough one. I will try and remember to take piccies for you. (If I can work out how to blog them!)

Mark has taken the young girl over the road for a drive in her car she has her test coming up and getting as much practise as she can. She did ask me to take her, but I don't feel confident enough!

Ok, I a going to settle down and watch House in a bit, just got to put the clothes away first. I am trying really hard to be more organised, in the hope that I will have more time to do what I want to do. Found a really good site called which is full of inspirational and handy hints.

So....fellow bloggers, what have you been doing today??

Nighty night

Paula X

1 comment:

Myrt said...

.....oh my word, Paula - are you getting a new craft room? It sounds wonderful.

Enjoy your company....miss ya....

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