Saturday, May 31, 2008

Shed Blog Day 1

Well, basically, I stuffed up. The shed is actually the wrong way round, but its not a major problem. Mark, bless him, has done all the measuring etc as we need to get it insulated etc as there will be a lorra lorra paper in there! It will also be painted white on the inside to reflect light. We have a bit of an issue with electricals, more on that later, but theres lots to do before I can actually move in. Off in a mo with a shopping list for stuff, its probably going to cost an extra £1,000 to get it just right, but theres no point having something that isnt watertight, draughtproof etc etc. Need a good blind too as windows face the sun most of the day! Also a good strong lock and ....and....the list goes on!!

Hope you all have a lovely day! XX


Totty Teabag said...

How can you stuff up a shed? I always thought they came with four walls; two short ones, one with a door, and two long ones, one with a window, and you arranged them how you wanted them...I must be behind the times...again...LOL

Mouse said...

despite whats gone wrong
I'm really excited for you and i hope all goes well!
I will have to get you a shed-warming present when its done!

Paula's ponderings said...

The door looks a bit odd cos the apex bit is on the other side, but its not a problem!

Paula's ponderings said...

Awww thanks Jade!!

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