Monday, October 13, 2008

What!! No candy????

Not just yet anyhow, I havent searched for any yet...Ive been looking for copics here in the UK and OMG they are soooooo expensive! The cheapest set I have found so far £48.95 FOR A SET OF 12!!!!! is here If anyone knows where I can get them cheaper, do tell!

I saw a film yesterday on hallmark tv called "Fielder's Choice" and I am pretty sure he was using them (he was an artist) and the colours were absolutely stunning. Well, they looked very much like copics shape wise and he had a milliom of them...every single colour I got my I WANT THOSE head on!!

I actually got round to having a sort out in my shed yesterday and I really have too much stuff, so am going to do a blog candy in a couple of weeks, depending on the outcome at the hospital on Friday, so watch this space! Right, best get on with some work!

1 comment:

CraftyC said...

I pay around £1.99 for my copics but use the ciao ones as they are cheaper but work just as well!

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