Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday morning and month end accounts.

I am so BORED! I am sitting here keying in figure after figure after figure and am nodding off in the process.

So...what have you all been up to? No new entries on blogs for me to read, shame on you!

I cant listen to the radio anymore at work, something to do with bandwidth or suchlike, gobbledy gook to me. I can however listen to CDs. Problem is, I keep forgetting to bring some more in, so have been listening to "Now thats what I call music 69" over n over for the past 3 weeks and its driving me NUTS!!

Watched the rerun of Britain's Got talent last night. They certainly had some talent on there! George was a worthy winner, his dance sequence was fabulous! I think signature are great and actually very novel, and the main guy dances BETTER than Michael Jackson. I fely sorry for the young lad who came third. His voice was beautiful, just beautiful. I am not sure how much longer it will last, but I am hoping he gets snapped up by someone, probably Winchester Boys Choir, or similar. The girl who sang Ave Maria, again.beautiful, my gran used to sing that to us many moons ago (but in an out of tune way with an Irish And..Strike.............COR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to TRY and add their videos to my blog at some point.

I really really REALLY need to organise myself. I'm thinking of getting some clip boards (I lose notebooks!) and decorating them with flowers and ribbons, and have hooks for them all over the house, and one in my office. I just got into bother for something I forgot to do in February!! I have reminders come up on my computer all the time, but still forget (Or delete them by mistake!)

Nearly lunch time, but I am peckish so am going to grab a bagel. My weight seems to be constant at 11 and a bit, BUT I have been eating out a lot lately and had a bit of a chocolate splurge at the weekend, so, that will be my fault if I put any on, though, I will try and blame someone else!!

I have joined a yahoo group that send through Weightwatchers Recipes, but I never have anything in the cupboard that they use! Am I the only one who doesn't keep everything in her store cupboard?? (Cant think of an example, and cant get into my mail...think they have banned me from there too!)

Well, I best get on with this little lot, so..I may be back, if I havent died of boredom first!

Muchas lovas



Eve said...

so you dont read my blog then?

Paula's ponderings said...

I do now I know where it is!!

Scrappydog said...

You 2 are funny!! Paula, think of bandwidth as the minutes you use on your phone. Each time you connect to the internet you are using bandwidth/minutes. So listening to the radio online would be the same as talking on your phone all that time. Maybe your company has limited online bandwidth and usage was getting close to the aggregate and if it goes over they have to pay for the extra bandwidth/ minutes. Your talking about your cd's has gotten me to get mine out again. Think I will pop a couple Queen in whilst I clean today.

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