Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shed Blog Day 2

Thank you for all your comments. Well...the saga continues. Mark has been to the place I got it from and to be honest, I don't think they are all that bothered. Luckily, I paid on my visa so if we don't get any joy, I will be contacting them. I feel quite down in the dumps about it. BUT it will work out...eventually!

Another note, I kept nodding off a work today!! Just so tired and Ive got funny little bruises all over my legs, weird!!! I guess I should go to the quack about it.

My hair is getting really long now, I usually wear it up in a pony tail but let it hang loose today. Ive been growing it for a year now, its the longest its been for years, well 34 to be exact.

Sort of watching House at the moment, but going to put a card together in a mo for step sons birthday. Got a fathers day car to make for Marks dad, and just made a lovely card for my nephews girlfriend then Ill be packing everything away and wont be crafting till I have moved!!

No other news, I am really getting into this blog thing. Its a great way to remember things and to keep up with everyone also love to add widgets and things,

Well, fellow bloggers off to stick some bits onto paper and then bed methinks. Nighty night all take care and happy blogging

PS I think have a few more blogs to add so Ill check out the website (CFR) tomorrow



Scrappydog said...

It will eventually get sorted out Paula. I know how excited you are about that space and to run into problems such as this is maddening especially since the place you purchased it from doesn't seem to care. Me? I'd of called the cc company on the spot and put in a dispute right in front of them. Woulda loved to see their faces at that moment eh? Still can do that you know. Hope you find a resolution to this all quickly.

Roz said...

Let me know how you make the fathers day car, Justin would love a car, lol.

The shed WILL get sorted!!

Paula's ponderings said...

I was going to use a die cut...lol

well, shed is sorted...read shed blog day 3 for further update

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