Saturday, June 07, 2008

Shed Blog Part 2 Day 1

9.00 and the shed arrived...what a difference from the last one!! Mark has painted the bottom with bitumen stuff to make it last even longer. Its raining but we have got a huge plastic sheet hanging up to protect his hair!! LOL

Im just making tea and finding stuff to make cards for some orders, cos Im getting in the way!! I am going out to take pictures in a minute so you'll be bored stiff with a blow by blow account of the "erection". Rather a poor choice of words...LOL

Ok hope you are all warm and dry, doing what you want to do and blogging it all as you do it!! Laters!!


Totty Teabag said...

Big plastic sheet to protect his hair? Don't be mean, Paula...lend him your shower cap...

Paula's ponderings said...

and what do you think I am going to wear?? hmmmmm??

Roz said...

Did someone say erection???

Myrt said..., that was quite fast getting another shed....good for you.

Paula, you were asking about paper piecing - here is the tutorial I went by - it's kind of fun and different. could wear one of those umbrella hats, Paula. (lol)

Paula's ponderings said...

Thanks for the link Marion, Ill look at that when I have a spare 5

Carolyn said...

Paula the studio is coming along nicely. Lucky you.
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