Thursday, June 05, 2008

Shed Blog Day 4

Well they are coming to dismantle it today. We spent a couple of hours yesterday undoing all the hard work Mark had put on, and guess was infested with ants!! Just goes to show how badly it was made, and there was still a few damp patches from the rain the other night. Guess I wont be having a shed Blog day 5 for a while (possibly next Wednesday??). Got lots to do today, so this is another short n sweet, but note Roz, I have blogged almost everyday for a week!!

Im trying to make it a habit so I wont forget!

Have a good day all XX


Roz said...

LOVE the cartoon! LOL!
And yes, I have taken not that you're blogging every day, you're doing very well, see the shed saga has helped you out there as well!

brigitte said...

Hello Paula, How's the shed!

Paula's ponderings said...

What shed????? LOL

Scrappydog said...

The cartoon is perfect Paula. I was surprised at how the words just flowed when I began my blogging. The first one I deleted, just wasn't me, but when I was really ready, I was pleasantly surprised at how natural everything became. Yup, I am not only enjoying blogging, but I am loving reading everyones.

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