Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blog candy Alert!!!

Its absolutely DELICIOUS so head on over to say hi to Gill at Dollie Dewdrop ( I WANT THAT NAME!!) and leave her a comment. Her blog is well worth a visit so linga longa while...

Thanks to everyone who joined in my PPPP yesterday and left me cheery uppy comments. Of course it never rains in my life, it PIDDLES down! Paul (son) has been summonsed to the hospital today...they may be doing an op to remove the rest of his pancreas. So GREEDY these surgeons! Anyhoo I shall wait and see what happens there cos that will have a humungous bearing on what happens to me cos I aint going nowhere or having anything done until he's fixed good and proppa!

waahhhhaaaaaaaaay I balanced the petty cash first go (and only 2 days late!!)

On a sad note, well, not so much sad now but you now where Im coming from, today is the anniversary of the day Paul's father, Tony died. Its been 26 years. Hope you are resting in peace Tony xxx. He would have been 51 next week. I hope he is looking down and being ultra proud of his son!


Gill said...

Thanyou for entering my candy, your lovely name is in the hat...good luck
lv Gill x

Deb Neerman said...

Oh, no, it sounds as if you're carrying quite a burden! So sorry!

Hope all your tomorrows will be sunny and bright!

Hang in there and keep the faith!

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