Friday, October 03, 2008

Good Morning Lovely Bloggers and Bloggees

Well the sun is not shining but life is good here in King's Lynn. Busy working, as you can tell!! I am a little miffed cos one of the guys at work asked me to make a card for his wife for their anniversary, which I did, and although I say it myself it was pretty good. I am miffed because I didn't take a picture of it. I have given it to him and he's b******ed off now so I cant ask for it back...derrrr anyway, you'll just have to take my word for it that it was the best card ever made in the world....EVER!!! lol. He liked it, thats the main thing. He is paying me for it on Monday, I have told him what it cost to make and said anything over that will go to charity anyhow so Ill leave it to him. Anyway...nuff of that!

Paul is OK, looks like they will be leaving the rest of his pancreas for a while, and removing his parathyroids as they are now acting up. I'm so glad he has Vicky now as I know she will be there to help him in his recovery. Parathyroid op is fairly straight forward, I had it done myself a while back. JUST think if I didn't have that op, I might never have met Roz and Mandy!!

Okie dokie its CANDY TIME!!!!!!!

get yourselves over to where Marlene not only has a great blog with some fabulosso inspiration, she also has a great blog with scrumptious candy!! She's celebrating a BIG birthday next week, but I reckon she's fibbin cos there's no way that lady looks THAT age!!! lol Most people would want to look that good when they are 25, let alone 40!!!!

Righty ho Im going for a coffee but will be back later with a bit more candy for you!!


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Myrt said...

...hey Paula....good stuff you making a card for a fellow at work. I'm sure it was beautiful and I "totally" take your word for it. (lol)
Yes, it is good that Paul has Vicki and I wish him well.
Golly, haven't heard Mandy's name for awhile - I did go through some cards the other day and came across a couple she sent to me.
Do take care, my friend - I think of you often.
Hugs, Marion

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