Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Better day today

Not so stressed about things today, just as well really cos it doesn't make it any better. Thanks to Roz n Tootsy for offers of help,

Been really busy at work, its payroll day again (yes Roz, i am doing the payroll AGAIN!!). Haven't had a lunch break yet so I'm going to grab a coffee and have a sandwich in a minute while my reports are running off

Not sure if Mark will make it home tonight, I hope so, not only do I want to see him (aahhhhh) but need the suitcases down from loft!! I really ought to start packing but am really not looking forward to this holiday one little bit. Think I am just really tired

Roz has sent me through some stuff to download on Pando later so that should be good. I also need to get stuff off laptop and on to disc before I clog this one up! I can do that while I'm away. Am I repeating myself? Think Ive said this before, no doubt someone will tell me...

Just been listening to Chris Moyles again, they are switching off analogue TV from today so that's it for terrestrial more portable TV for Owen then!! Wonder how we get round that one!!

well, nearly 4,.15 so best start packing up...thank god its Thursday tomorrow, I'm frazzled...catch you later!

1 comment:

Totty Teabag said...

From what I read on the Beeb, they are only switching off analogue in one town in Cumbria; Whitehaven...for the time being. Have you pulled a muscle in your back, or is it your kidneys playing you up? That is a horrible pain, I got it a lot when I was young.

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