Monday, October 15, 2007

I dont like Mondays!!

had a real B**** of a day today!! Been so busy I didnt notice it was lunch time until nearly 3!! LOL

Mark is on another night out so I have just been chillin and watching create and crap. Not much to tell you other than that Roz!! LOL

I am going to take my lap top away and try my hand at some simple digi layouts, I have downloaded a couple of kits onto it so I can have a play. DOnt want too much to look at right now as I would just get confused!

My hair is now geting really long and messy but I am going to stick with it unril the New Year and then make a decision I would send a pic but the only one I have makes me look like I have some dreaded youll have to wait!

Nowt else to say really

health check...upset tummy and feel really tired kidneys are hurting but it could be that Ive been sitting awkwardly today...dunno...have to wait and see what CT scan shows...fingers crossed, hate feeling like this as it slows me down :( hey ho...others are a lot worse off than me!!

Ill say goodnight for now and see you all tomorrow,

oh one thing, if I havent got a connection, I cant do a blog can I???

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