Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Evening

I havent done ANYTHING today apart from washing and putting some 3d thingies together. I slept for a while this afternoon, cooked dinner for Mark and kids, I didnt have any, and then just sat and watched Tv in the evening after making the sarnies.

Roz, friend of mine, if you read this...where exactly do I start on this digi scrapping lark?? Its information overload on the web! I am going to transger a load of piccies onto new laptop later so at least I will have something to digi scrap with!! LOL

OH by the way, got the camera on Friday. Its pretty good for £80 odd. Just need a case etc
which reminds me, best sign off and order them! LOL

night all

1 comment:

Roz said...

1. Pick up laptop.
2. Get on train.
3. Arrive here for personal instruction.

Ok, not so practical. We will have to arrange a time to be online at same time and I can talk you through some things with PSP.

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