Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Note to self as above. The trouble with me is I am so easily sidetracked, hence I am writing this at work when I should be doing the credit card accounts! I start everything with the best of intentions and then lose momentum. I actually thought about starting this about 2 hours ago, but started reading other blogs and then the links in the blogs lead me elsewhere and in fact I have been having a lovely little tour around planet Internet! Good job its not pay per minute here anymore, Id be skint!! Which reminds me, when I got really into the net, my phone bill for ONE MONTH...yes I did say ONE MONTH!!! Was over £800. I think I'm still paying it even though it was about ten years ago

Now on my journey round the WWW I noticed that most blogs were bright, cheerful, adorned with all sorts of pics and prose, and on arriving back at mine, figured it a little drab. I will remedy this as soon as I figure out how!!

Ok, nuffs enough, back to work young lady (I wish!!) and BBL so TTYL!!

oh nearly forgot - health note not to bad today, very tired still and a sore finger, everything else is tickety boo (famous last owrds!!)

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