Sunday, October 14, 2007

One of those weeks

Its been one of those weeks where I have beeen doing my headless chicken routine, and got nothing done. Woke up on Satursday with a mega headache and still got it. Anyway, had to sort out all teh washing etc etc and got it all done, if I had any sense I would do one load a night, but no....

Mark didn't get home until about 6 am on Saturday as he ran out of driving hours somewhere near the M25 I think. That's 3 nights out hes had this week...average his hourly rate out and its about 1.50!!

On a more positive not, I did manage to get 3 cards made, including one for Marks ex dragon in law! She pad us a flying visit on Saturday and My head was banging after she left, she is not a quiet lady!

Seem to be getting on better with the kids lately, I'm not sure if its cos I amnow on HRT and don't hate everyone, or I am just accepting the fact that we all make mistakes (long long stories!!)

Its only 7.30 on Sunday, but am a bit loathe to go back to bed as sometimes that makes me feel worse. Ive already but some washing out, some in dryer and the final load (for today!) in the washing machine. The only good thing about it is I love the smell of Daz (hoping if I mention the name Ill get a years free Biggest drawback????the dreaded ironing!

I am going to try to master PSP when Im on holiday, have fiddled about with it a bit, but need to concentrate more. I will downlaod a couple of tubes, arm myself with PSP for dummies and see how I get on. I dont think I really want to do the sheets as there are so many excellent ones ocming through, but the digi scrapping...Ive seen what a couple of my friensd have done and its amazing.

My lovely hubby is snuggled up in bed and looks very cute and cuddly this morning, bless him. Im so glad hes not as stressedd as he was a few weeks ago, lets hope it stays that way.

Enough from me for now...

Healthwise - headache and still that nagging pain in the right side...have to wait and see!

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Roz said...

Awwwwwwwwwww... waves to cuddly wuddly Mark x

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